PowerRanks is a rank-based permission management plugin for your Minecraft server.

It allows server managers to set-up ranks that can control what player can and cannot do.

Why PowerRanks?

PowerRanks is:

  • Fast - made with performance and big data in mind
  • Easy to use - made to be easy to set-up with commands or the webeditor
  • Reliable - trusted by many and PowerRanks can correct itself when something goes wrong
  • Customizable - with many customization options in the core you can shape PowerRanks to fit your servers needs
  • Free - free to use for all your servers


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Support PowerRanks

PowerRanks is free, but a donation is appreciated

PowerRanks is in development for years now, and I spent much of my spare time improving and supporting PowerRanks.

A lot of hours have gone into writing this plugin and adding new awesome features.

However, nothing is free and there are costs associated to keep PowerRanks going, especially now the Web Editor is available.

PowerRanks is free and will stay free, but if you like the work that has been put into making PowerRanks, consider helping out a bit by donating any amount. All money goes to improving and upkeeping PowerRanks (and coffee).

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